Three locations collaborating as one design studio. By assembling creative professionals with a team bias and complementary skills we have a demonstrated ability to respond to a wide variety of design challenges and projects.


  • Andrew Pender
  • David Morris
  • Donna Payne
  • Simon Fallon
  • Vicki Van Dijk

Andrew Pender

Practice Director

B. Arch RAIA LEA Architect.

Andrew brings to all his work a clear focus on briefing and client communication, and has a special interest in the interaction of architecture and pedagogy. His focus on clients’ needs, their briefs and on communication has contributed to successful bespoke solutions for clients and to rewarding long term relationships.

Great design happens when there is a clear vision and a shared purpose. To support this, we value leadership and a generous collaborative spirit from all our team.

David Morris

Practice Director

B. Arch RAIA Architect

A founding director of pmdl David is passionate about the quality of Architectural design. He brings to the team a leading expertise in masterplanning, retail, residential, entertainment and commercial work in both architecture and interior disciplines and has participated in many award winning projects. David is actively involved in the design of projects working with clients, and team to explore, debate and determine the best outcomes.

The best outcome is always obtained through collaboration between the architect, client and the users with the integration of form, space and place.

Donna Payne

Practice Director

B. Arch (Hons) CEFPI Architect

Donna has a broad range of experience across a range of project types, and has a demonstrated ability to manage sensitive and complex projects. Donna contributes strong planning and team management, to back up her design skills in applying sensitive but achievable solutions to all projects.

Effective communication is essential in realising change and making great design happen.

Simon Fallon

Practice Director

BA Interior Design MDIA.

Simon brings an extensive range of international experience to PMDL, having studied and worked in London and practiced in both Malaysia and Germany. With his prolific creativity, he brings contemporary and inspiring design across a range of project types. Simon has involvement with the Hong Kong Studio in Retail and Hospitality.

Great design is about developing creative elements or environments that work well for the end users and above all, enhance their experience.

Vicki Van Dijk

Practice Director

B. Arch (Hons) Architect, CEFPI 

Vicki strives to provide personalised attention to her clients through developing relationships where all mutually benefit. These attributes, combined with Vicki’s talent in design, ensure that the intrinsic design idea and client’s brief requirements are maintained throughout a project, from an initial concept to a completed building.

To create innovative, quality and appropriate environments for the client requires vision, interpretation, diplomacy and integrity.


  • Kim Legras
  • Simon Rainsford
  • Caio Peculis
  • Craig Kerslake

Kim Legras


B. Arch Architect

Kim has extensive experience in all aspects of the architectural profession, with particular expertise in the "build-ability" and construction detailing of projects teamed with a comprehensive knowledge of building legislation. Other skills include  the administration of the construction process to deliver projects to suit the varied requirements of clients.

Successful design is about client and Architect collaboration, turning needs and desires into practical, engaging, inspiring solutions, beyond expectations.

Simon Rainsford


B. Arch (Hons) Architect

Simon has practiced in Australia and internationally as design consultant and construction manager, directing a wide range of projects. He remains passionate in his pursuit for creative and functional design solutions understanding that the creation of successful architecture requires working closely with the client throughout all stages of a project.

Light, balance, space, people, time, economics & celebration speaks volumes about what we seek & appreciate in architecture.

Caio Peculis


B Arts (Arch) M Arch Architect

Caio has a broad skill set which enables him to manage a variety of project types. His strong design skills and thorough knowledge of construction combine to produce clever but viable solutions. Caio’s holistic approach to projects ensures never losing sight of the big picture issues. His desire to maintain design intent and keen eye for detail, is a combination that produces quality outcomes.

A holistic approach to projects, from initial brief through to realisation, is critical to ensure both strategic issues and design intent are delivered.

Craig Kerslake

Craig has experience across a diverse range of project sectors.  His primary focus is on design excellence of sustainable outcomes for private, charitable, government, commercial, education and indigenous sectors.  With excellent client relations, interfacing across numerous stakeholder groups, Craig seeks the realisation of projects with enthusiasm and spirited innovation.  He has successfully delivered many past projects and prides himself on these positive outcomes and looks forward to new challenges and opportunities with vigour.

The expression of our built environment comes about through the realisation of common vision. Creating something from nothing relies on enticing imagination translated into exciting space and form. Joy!


  • Euway Gan
  • Kylie Beard

Euway Gan


B Arch Architect

Euway has gained vast experience in the architectural industry having been involved in all areas of project delivery from masterplanning and design to contract documentation and contract administration. He has worked on a variety education and commercial projects, including sporting facilities.

At the heart of every successful project is a highly collaborative team, creating unique and considered design solutions.

Kylie Beard


B Tech (Prod Dev) 1st Class Hons

With extensive experience in design and delivery of large scale retail rollouts for both national and international brands, Kylie is versed in end to end design and management of complex projects.  Kylie approaches projects with a both a customer and client centric approach to deliver environments that engage customers whilst achieving operational and budget requirements. 

Designing effective spaces is ever-evolving with changing technologies. Communication, flexibility and adaptability are critical to achieving design that delivers for our clients both now, and in the future.

Hong Kong

  • Aino Kavantera
  • Paul McKay
  • Robert Johnson

Aino Kavantera


BA (Hons) Design, HND Spatial Design

With an extensive European background and experience, Aino brings breadth and diversity of expertise to pmdl, with a global perspective. Aino’s keen attention to detail and client focus in retail, hospitality, residential and exhibition sectors is centred on the realisation of projects, maintaining the design vision from start to finish.

The overall is only as good as the detail. Our role is to ensure that the end result meets client and user expectations, regardless of the frame of reference.

Paul McKay



Paul has delivered successful architecture, interiors and planning projects at large and small scale across three continents. He is committed to driving projects from conception to completion. His focus on the client’s needs and a dedicated attention to detail enable him to work with the design team to propel complex projects forward.

In order to exceed the client’s expectations, you need an open mind, an attentive ear, and a desire to delight. Then you can achieve really great design.

Robert Johnson

With an extensive project list in Europe and Asia, Robert has experience in a variety of disciplines including retail, commercial, hospitality, corporate and residential. Robert brings senior design leadership to PMDL with his creative vision and extensive on-site construction expertise.

With care and attention the design team shape our projects, culminating in meaningful buildings, thereafter they start to shape us.

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