Every project is unique and as such, is a prototype, an opportunity to realise great things, an opportunity for the best outcomes for our clients, and the users.


  • Therry Learning Precinct
  • PLC Centenary Precinct
  • New Primary & Science
  • Medowie High School
  • Discovery Centre
  • Library and Performing Arts
  • OLOR Learning Hub
  • New Junior School
  • Pymble Ladies' College
  • Strathcona
  • International School

An environmentally sustainable design in which healthy and inspiring environments support the academic, social, pastoral and community needs of current & future learning, demonstratinge a courageous commitment to stewardship.

Therry Learning Precinct

CLIENTSaint Ignatius' College Riverview
LOCATIONRiverview, NSW, Australia

Following a rigorous masterplanning process with the College a framework for future development of the site was established that had an over riding focus on improving the teaching and learning facilities for the senior campus. The College’s existing Therry building was selected as a first stage, identified as an opportunity for redevelopment into a contemporary learning environment that would provide shunt space for future stages and become a show piece and ‘prototype’ supporting the transition to a new approach to teaching and learning.

The design for Therry is a unique transformation of an existing building that supports the College’s ambition to adapt its current teaching and learning, reinforce its pastoral commitments and achieve a sustainable solution, fulfilling their mission to remain relevant, nurturing and responsible in todays world. 

The organisational design principles for the Stage 1 Therry facilities were focused on Learning, Pastoral care, Teaching and Access, summarised below as 4 key ambitions

Celebrate the Learning

• Reflect the site porosity in the learning.  

• Make the learning visible, connected and agile. 

• Create varied learning settings for a range of class size and pedagogy. 

• Create opportunities for extending the learning outdoors.

Support & Celebrate the Pastoral Care. 

• Make the Houses generous and visible.

• Make all Houses equitable.

• Reinforce identity with opportunities for display and ‘healthy’ rivalry.

• Create a place to call ‘home', offering facilities for support, counselling, learning and socialisation.

• Colocate with activity nodes to provide opportunities for extending into these zones.

Support & Celebrate the Staff. 

• Demonstrate and promote investment in the teachers

• Colocate within the learning and make visible.  

• Create hubs for interaction/collaboration between faculties  

• Provide opportunities for identity

• Make transparent & inviting to encourage visitation by students

• Create opportunities outside of staff work areas for cross pollination between faculties

• Make the teacher’s learning visible to the students

Improve Access & Circulation 

• Reduce pinch points and provide options.

• Make the journey part of the learning and social experience. 

• Incorporate stairs as generous vertical connections that incorporate opportunities for learning, socialisation and collaboration.

• Create opportunities for incidence.

• Create circulation nodes as extension of House areas providing opportunities to gather as whole group.

Perceived as a large glass steel framed box with flying roof housing the 50M pool and grandstands, juxtaposed with a smaller solid angled box in front housing the fitness gym and learn to swim pool.

PLC Centenary Precinct

CLIENTPLC (Pymble Ladies' College)
LOCATIONPymble NSW Australia

A unique project in replacing an existing outdoor pool with a first class 50M multi purpose indoor pool with diving. Supported by a commercially run learn to swim centre that was the backbone of the business case for the facility, and a top rate fitness gym for training student rowers, tennis, hockey, football and swim teams. 

Recent pools at other elite schools are relatively insular, but this pool expands the existing grandstands to house 750 spectators to stage full regional school and community swim carnivals.  Multi purpose by use of a floating boom that creates 1 x 50M pool, 2 x 25M pools, separate water polo, and diving at 3 heights up to 5M.  

Central to the design was a very clever Arup inspired sustainable water and air heating system using full fresh air cycles with heat exchangers and focusing all dry heated air up and across the external glazing to minimise any winter corrosive condensation.  

Pool hall acoustics are often disastrous so we used heavily absorbent materials on wall surfaces and ceiling baffles together with close spaced speakers to achieve great results.  

The pool project was combined with a 220 space car park and hockey field over forming an entire Centenary Precinct project. 

The new Junior School and Science facilities add an agile teaching and learning centre to the existing campus. Opportunities for collaboration and celebration are optimised with the strength of connections making this much more than just a collection of “classrooms” and corridors.

New Primary & Science

CLIENTSt Augustine's College Brookvale
LOCATIONBrookvale NSW Australia

The College undertook a comprehensive Masterplan study throughout 2012 with formal adoption of the outcomes in February 2013.  The study identified a number of key responses to the site and the education Strategic Plan including the need to provide accommodation that could respond to changing demands in teaching and learning and supported a more collaborative approach.

One of the key drivers in the Masterplan was the realisation by the College that they were not a “suburban” school but rather had to identify themselves as an “urban” campus and therefore needed to assess the quality of spaces and places differently.  Similarly the connections and circulation needed to build a structure capable of encouraging and reinforcing links and circulation around the campus, creating civic spaces and be much more than a collection of “classrooms” and corridors.

The first development stage identified in the Masterplan included the need to provide contemporary science teaching and learning spaces accessible to both the Junior and Senior Schools.  Council requirements for traffic management and provision for car parking as well as a duty of care for “kiss and ride”  also meant a strategic response which again was much more than just teaching and learning spaces.

The design of the new and refurbished facilities commenced with the detailed overall site planning to ensure spaces were created and circulation was much more than corridors.  Key to this was the creation of a podium terrace above the new car parking level which created a Junior School sense of place but clearly visible from the Senior School.  Once infrastructure was agreed the building footprints were planned with the future in mind, through the creation of large floor plates allowing future intervention and update in response to changing needs.  These floor plates optimised structure and services allowing current and future sub division into a variety of spaces  by partition walls with maximised transparency.  The new building also creates a new strong identity and entry from Gulliver Street, something previously lacking for the campus.

The general feedback from staff and students has been very positive particularly in the ease of access and diversity of teaching and learning opportunities on offer.  The science team has found the spaces significantly improve their ability to facilitate a variety of learning options and be more agile in responses to learning enquiry.  The Junior School feels it is now part of the overall College but with their own special place and sense of identity.

The project was awarded a Commendation in the Learning Environments Australasia NSW Chapter Awards 2016.

The new secondary school should be a bold statement from the Diocese, expressing its commitment to the stewardship of the environment and the promotion of Catholic education in our region, It should be built to reflect the adaptability and development of enabling technologies and be both highly functional and environmentally responsive.

Medowie High School

CLIENTCatholic Schools Office Diocese of Maitland Newcastle
LOCATIONMedowie, NSW, Australia

PMDL was invited to submit a design proposal for a newly acquired 26Ha parcel of land in Meadowie, NSW. The vision of the new precinct included brand new childcare, primary school, secondary school and a place of worship. 

PMDL’s design concept of the new precinct was centred in the philosophy of Catholic Earthcare ASSISI approach and the CSO’s framework around Faith + Identity, Community, Learning and Stewardship. Site planning and orientation was developed to retain the existing site character and vegetation whilst respecting bushfire and native habitat whilst looking to maximise the assets and opportunities for the school and community. 

A new 7 stream secondary school complex was further developed as part of this brief. The concept is developed from a central, predominantly internal “learning street”, providing a clear sense of orientation and integrated with the visible learning spaces. The street is an active place, providing opportunities for learning and social interaction, with connections to both the learning spaces and the external environment. 

The built facilities connect to the outdoors physically as well as visually. The plan form reaches out to the environment and also invites the outdoor in, creating protected, human scale spaces, which in turn connect to the active unbuilt zone. 

The Learning Centre is a responsive and agile facility designed to support Strathcona and it’s needs well into the future. With “Learning and Community” at the core of Strathcona’s values, the Learning Centre creates an active and vibrant ‘heart’ space, integrated into the campus, reinforcing connections.

Discovery Centre

CLIENTStrathcona Baptist Girls' Grammar School
LOCATIONCanterbury, Vic, Australia

The concept of the ‘Learning Centre’, integrated with a ‘Learning Street’ running along the north south axis of the site, provided new possibilities to link facilities and strengthen connections throughout the campus.  The concept was a relaxed structure with blurred boundaries, promoting enquiry and discourse, providing flexible but discrete connected learning environments.  A three storey building was considered an appropriate scale to accommodate a new Knowledge Exchange, Middle School and Science Discovery.  The establishment of a Knowledge Exchange as an integrated part of the ‘learning street‘ is pivotal to the concept.

The learning street and Knowledge Exchange connects administration services, the canteen and the sports field to the north with the central courtyard as the ‘heart space’ of the senior campus.  The open design creates social spaces to interact, relax, and share while enjoying distant views of Yarra Valley Ranges.  Playful integration of landscape treatments assist to blur the boundaries between internal and external spaces.

The Knowledge Exchange, on the ground floor, evolved from the idea that integration of teachers, students, technology and books creates an invaluable learning resource for all.  With its open plan design, the Knowledge Exchange incorporates spaces for personal reflection, individual study, open and private interaction, group work, presentation, focused learning settings (both informal and formal) and relaxation.

On the first floor, the Middle School provides independent learning spaces for years 7 and 8 students with supporting breakout areas to create a variety of learning settings, giving students and staff greater input and control over their environment and a greater sense of ownership and responsibility for their own learning.  The students enjoy communal space to assemble as a group or combine for assembly of the middle school group.  Learning spaces for the Sciences occupy the second floor of the Learning Centre.  The design provides seven generous, purpose fitted learning spaces for each science discipline, with integrated theory and practical spaces. Central demonstration areas promote hands on and inquiry based learning opportunities. Placement and integration of display tanks, LCD screens, gardens and display space provide opportunities to connect and celebrate science.

Strathcona’s continued commitment to the environment and sustainability, influenced and informed design decisions throughout the process.  The energy efficient design incorporates a building management systems allowing the School to monitor indoor environments ensuring efficient and comfortable spaces for learning.  Environmentally friendly and sustainable materials are incorporated extensively throughout the building.

The Learning Centre results in students and staff being closely connected around the central heart space of the campus providing increased opportunity for interaction and pastoral care.  Specialist learning areas combine with the general learning areas through a number of connections and paths, extend learning opportunities while providing future agility and flexibility.

The Learning Centre was awarded a Commendation in the 2016 Boroondara Urban Design Awards.

A masterplan solution for a pivotal building that provides contemporary learning, key connections and civic space over multiple levels.

Library and Performing Arts

CLIENTSt Edwards College
LOCATIONGosford, NSW, Australia

Key to PMDL securing the commission for this prominent project for St Edwards College was an initial concept that went beyond simply accommodating the College’s education and facilities brief to considering what value the solution could offer the wider campus. The initial brief called for the replacement of the existing library, located centrally within the campus, with a larger contemporary learning environment as well as performing arts facilities, including music and drama and an auditorium.

The sloping site provided the opportunity to design a building over 4 levels that, nestled into the slope, was in keeping with the scale of the surrounding context. The solution is a building, completed within time and budget, that provides a greater range and area of accommodation than initially envisaged, key connections to existing outdoor spaces, reinforcement of main circulation routes and generous civic space at multiple levels for gathering, play and extension of the learning. With no requirement for natural light the drama facilities and auditorium are buried in the ground providing the opportunity above ground to relocate the majority of staff facilities and the cafeteria into this central facility, aptly referred to as the learning hub.

A truly agile learning space generating a heart and focus for the school and community. A communal celebration space.

OLOR Learning Hub

CLIENTOur Lady of the Rosary Primary School
LOCATIONKellyville, NSW, Australia

OLOR Learning HubThe project was shortlisted for the Insitute of Architects Awards.

Transforming the learning experience with enriched facilities and connections, reinforcing a sense of place.

New Junior School

CLIENTBarker College
LOCATIONHornsby, NSW, Australia

As part of a campus Masterplan, existing facilities were examined and new learning model developed. Facilities have included the Mutlipurpose Hall and a significant new learning cohort building and surrounding courtyard area, including the creation of 16 new homebase learning spaces together with resource, specialist and support facilities. The planning provided for a new “front door”, administration and staff accommodation.

Other facilities have included the development of a new Prep School to expand the Junior School offer as well as an upgraded sports pavilion.

Creating exceptional facilities for an outstanding campus for over 20 years

Pymble Ladies' College

CLIENTPymble Ladies' College
LOCATIONPymble, NSW, Australia

Our work with Pymble, spanning two decades, includes a several significant new and refurbished facilities, and - importantly - an ongoing contribution to the stewardship of this outstanding campus. We are proud of our contribution to the high quality learning environments for Pymble girls across the K-12 spectrum. Landmark buildings include the Conde Library, the Gillian Moore Centre for Performing Arts, Kate Mason Senior Centre and the Centenary Precinct Aquatic and Fitness Centre.

Realisation of a Masterplan. The transformation of a School.


CLIENTStrathcona Baptist Girl's Grammar School
LOCATIONCanterbury, Victoria, Australia

In 2002, Strathcona BGGS won a tender for a new site, 50m from their main School campus in Scott Street, Canterbury. Following a successful design competition which saw the birth of a new master plan for both sites, pmdl has assisted the school to realise its’ potential resulting in a complete transformation of the site. Projects include the Early Learning Centre, Junior School, Senior Centre, Performing Arts Centre, Fitness and Aquatic Centre, refurbishment of Featherstone Hall and most recently a Learning Centre including Knowledge Exchange, Middle School and Scientific Discovery. We are currently working on their new Year 10 centre, due to be complete later this year. The presentation of the school, along with the spaces between the buildings has been a constant focus. Every part of the campus has its own distinct environment that is linked by a learning street that provides the connection to the main heart space of the school.

The School facilities have won CEFPI Australasia awards.

SAIS, a tier one, premier, international school providing excellence in education.

International School


A unique learning village campus with strong environmental connections.

Development concept in Shanghai, China for a new Prep-12 greenfield International School catering to 1,300 students. Facilities include agile and flexible learning spaces together with communal facilities including Aquatic, Sports, Performing Arts, Science and Resource Centres. The design is based around integration with the landscape, the planning reflecting a learning village arranged into clear precincts reinforcing a sense of identity and place.

  • Student Accommodation
  • The Astor Apartments
  • Irymple Apartments
  • Macau University Accommodation
  • High Density Residential Development
  • Contemporary Unit Development

A reinvention of existing campus accommodation to meet the demands of the future

Student Accommodation

CLIENTWesley College, Sydney University
LOCATIONSydney, NSW, Australia

Wesley College is a co-ed residential College within the grounds of Sydney University, and they wished to extend and maximise their student accommodation numbers on the small land holdings they control.

PMDL were commissioned to do a Masterplan study, which identified the primary expansion opportunity as being vertical expansion of the Purser and E Wings by raising the roof and rebuilding it a higher level, whilst maintaining the heritage character of the building. A simultaneous upgrade of the central courtyard has been be carried out. Accommodation has been expanded by a total of 58 rooms together with an upgrade of existing facilities.

Restoring the grandeur of Sydney’s first New York style apartment building.

The Astor Apartments


The Astor Pty Ltd engaged PMDL to upgrade all public spaces throughout this iconic building. This included upgrades to fire regulations, lighting, access and finishes, whilst maintaining and restoring the historic fabric of the interiors. All apartments are individually owned through company title.

A unique set of twins, the Irymple Mews houses are a sophisticated, generous, modern living residential proposal.

Irymple Apartments

LOCATIONGlen Iris Melbourne Victoria Australia

PMDL delivers a unique scheme, a pair of 3 bedroom houses with generous and intriguing designs. The houses are intended to ‘peek’ over their walled garden with textured and reflective materials, which simultaneously announce their presence and complement the materiality & scale.  The plans maximise the sites development potential, using natural day light, and connection which create living areas that flow into their gardens. A beautiful setting for family life.  Bedrooms and bathrooms are luxurious, innovative, and provide flexibility to the marketplace or as the family shrinks and grows.

Design for a range of staff and student accommodation creating a strong sense of community.

Macau University Accommodation

CLIENTMacau University

Collaborative scheme for residential and mixed-use purposes.

High Density Residential Development


PMDL participated in a limited competition for the design of an integrated high density residential development, with a retail podium. A collaborative design, with Shenzhen Hauzhu Architectural & Engineering Co. Ltd, pmdl and Shenzhen Hauzhu designed a scheme that allows for a coexistence of commercial, leisure and residential development, with a green public space.

A unique contemporary residential complex

Contemporary Unit Development


Masterplan concept for 50,000sqm site in the centre of Nanjing. The design, which centres around villa modules on a North / South orientation, aims to preserve and enhance the exisitng landscape features, whilst maximising natural ventilation throughout the site and creating a sense of community.


  • T Galleria Beauty by DFS, Studio City
  • T Galleria Angkor by DFS
  • Le Salon
  • Dell & Alienware
  • Project Airstream
  • IMAX Retail
  • Duty Free Retail
  • Airport retail
  • Retail Centre

Delivering luxury retail experience inspired by the golden age of Hollywood glamour.

T Galleria Beauty by DFS, Studio City

LOCATIONBoulevard at Studio City, Macau

Taking inspiration from the golden age of Hollywood glamour, the design of the 7500 square feet store aims to envelop the customer in the opulence and style of this era. From the elegant, reflective metal ceiling to the subtle shopfront facade of rose gold glass, the iconic elements of classical Hollywood Cinema have been interweaved into the design of the store. 

Refined Art Deco inspired trims both highlight and define the brand areas, creating clarity and definition within the store, as well as tying in with the theme of the surrounding Hotel and Casino.

The bespoke joinery items exude the air of luxury, reflecting the DNA of the DFS brand, as well as both enticing the customer to explore deeper in to the store and accentuating the product on display. 

The use of concealed and indirect lighting designed around the product results in a opulent, gracefully balanced retail experience in keeping with the theatrical nature of the surrounding mall. 

The integration of locally inspired motifs was an inherent process of the design.

T Galleria Angkor by DFS

LOCATIONSiem Reap, Cambodia

The integration of locally inspired motifs was an inherent process of the design, while PMDL and DFS Group worked together to develop a retail environment that is filled with cultural references.  These including wall and column sandstone carvings that were produced by local artists - Artisans d’Angkor, as well as traditional hand-made encaustic tiles and a ceiling installation inspired by the colours and context of the region.

Over 8,000 sqm of retail is centered around a two-story atrium space, with a Beauty Hall featured above, and a Luxury Travel Accessories area offering fine leather goods, shoes and smaller fashion items on floor below. 

High in the atrium, in the heart of the building, is a twisting, orange 60-foot art installation entitled “Khsai Ponnareay” or “Luminous Ribbon”, which ties the store together and is visible from all angles of the space.  “Khsai Ponnareay” is set against fine hand-crafted timber screens emotive of local vernacular timber Khmer architecture.

An emotive boutique environment where the product is truly glorified.

Le Salon


A pioneer concept for high-end, luxury retail, Le Salon sees the creation of a series of rooms or salon spaces that exhibit and retail some of the world’s finest timepieces. In keeping with the quality of the product, the sophistication and attention to detail displayed in Le Salon both entices and excites, whilst also educating the customer as to the whole time piece journey.

Creation of unique immersive environments within retail stores, reinforcing brand and identity.

Dell & Alienware

CLIENTDell Computers
LOCATIONSydney, Melbourne - Australia

The creation of a unique mobile showcase of the diverse brand products

Project Airstream

CLIENTHills Industries

Complementary forms of angled steel and glass.

IMAX Retail

CLIENTMarkham Property Fund
LOCATIONDarling Harbour, Sydney, NSW, Australia

The addition of new retail space to IMAX Darling Harbour adds strength to the original iconic building form through fresh interpretation of elements and materials completing a more appropriate ground level interface and offering new ways of engaging with Harbour views.

Environments that enhance the luxury retail brand and create and delight the customer

Duty Free Retail


For over a decade we have been working with DFS to deliver exceptional luxury travel retail destinations in Asia and Australia, incorporating Beauty, Fashion and Luxury environments. Our work draws on our understanding of the retail experience, insightful planning, high quality materials and meticulous attention to detail. We are passionate about creating beautiful and high performing retail environments and have assisted in the development and refurbishment of Galleria projects, showcasing leading luxury brands, in Hong Kong, Macau, Siem Reap, Sydney and Cairns.

Enticing, effective environments that respond to travellers’ needs and build our client’s business

Airport retail


We have extensive experience in the design of airport retail concessions, across Beauty, Spirits Wine & Tobacco and Fashion categories, as well as individual boutiques. We have developed a keen understanding of the key drivers of successful airport retail, balancing the logistics and convenience factors of this high volume environment with the spirit of the destination. With projects in Hong Kong, Changi(Singapore), Abu Dhabi, Los Angeles, Sydney and Auckland, we have a proven ability to deliver across our region and beyond.

The creation of a unique destination and a true sense of "place".

Retail Centre


New shopping development based in Chuzhou China, which is sited amongst important heritage buildings. PMDL were asked to further develop the retail layouts and designs as a contemporary extension for the heritage precinct.

  • PSC Lounge
  • Pryor Wing
  • Crown Hotel + Dome Bar
  • Mr Wongs
  • Hoyts Lux Broadway
  • Mr B's and Tao Lounge
  • Randwick Rugby Club

Timeless elegance with a true sense of place.

PSC Lounge

LOCATIONFours Seasons Macau

Part of the Four Seasons shopping complex in Macau, the Platinum Services Club Lounge is an invitation-only space where VIP customers can relax and recharge while taking a break from shopping. An elegant design characterised by luxurious finishes, decorative ceilings and classic furnishings, the 800 sqm space is organised into a series of rooms and private lounge spaces that can be opened up to create larger function spaces. The design embodies a true sense of place, drawing inspiration from the local heritage and culture.

The project was shortlisted in the IDEA awards.


Pryor Wing

CLIENTWesley College
LOCATIONSydney University Australia

Opulent seduction with a large drop of whimsy. Classic chic with a flamboyant contemporary twist

Crown Hotel + Dome Bar

CLIENTCrown Hotels
LOCATIONSurry Hills Sydney NSW Australia

As part of the overall redevelopment of the Crown Hotel, eight boutique hotel rooms were added. The elegantly furnished rooms combine contemporary style with romance and luxury. Guests soak up the charming and quirky ambience in these uniquely designed rooms, which extend the eclectic spirit of DOME upstairs and provide spacious and modern facilities.

DOME is a destination bar. A delightful combination of the old and new, the opulent and understated, in the heart of vibrant Surry Hills. It has a baroque-inspired design, complete with antique chandeliers, gold ceilings, plush double bed size lounges and a grand mural adorning the main wall. The dazzling ruby-red glass bar along with the rich colours, plush fabrics and dark walnut floors are evocative of a classic era, but with a distinctly modern twist.

Part of the complete refurbishment of an existing landmark hotel, featuring new ground floor bar, gaming lounge, bottle shop, Dome Cocktail bar and accommodation. The concept was inspired by the eclectic surroundings of Surry Hills, which were incorporated in to the design with a fresh contemporary approach fused with reinstating the heritage identity of the building.

Creating a true rich and sophisticated oasis within the club.

Mr Wongs

CLIENTSmithfield RSL Club

Turning cinema into hospitality to create a truly memorable night out.

Hoyts Lux Broadway

LOCATIONBroadway, Sydney, NSW Australia

Bold architectural interventions and eclectic layering help to recreate a former Sydney institution

Mr B's and Tao Lounge

CLIENTReserve Hotels
LOCATIONPitt Street Sydney NSW Australia

A new concept for the refurbishment of the former Mandarin Club in the Sydney CBD including refacing the street front, a bar, mezzanine cocktail lounge, gaming lounge and basement night club. The design uses the building’s existing structural fabric and history as an element to create a ‘point of difference’, which was part of the initial brief.

A new basement level nightclub created as part of the overall redevelopment of Mr B’s, in the former Mandarin Club in Sydney CBD.

Warm and rich layers help to add definition to individual spaces

Randwick Rugby Club

CLIENTRandwick Rugby Club
LOCATIONRandwick NSW Australia

An update of the entire existing Club, previously designed by PMDL in 2003, to reflect the changing patronage and portray a more sophisticated level of experience. Repositioning of gaming lounge and restaurants together with a total upgrade to members’ facilities.

  • Scenic World
  • Rosewood Pavilion
  • Penrith Valley Sports Centre
  • Just Orange - Shining City Cinemas
  • Artiglobe
  • Hoyts Cinemas

A world heritage environment experience bringing together nature and man.

Scenic World

CLIENTScenic World
LOCATIONKatoomba, Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia

As part of a long term relationship PMDL has worked with Scenic World in the development of a site masterplan which has evolved into a number of award winning staged upgrades and new facilities. The site now features an additional ride with the Cableway to the valley floor which links with a rainforest boardwalk. Both the Skyway and Railway rides have been replaced with new equipment and engineering with the retail and food and beverage facilities all upgraded. The update and expansion of the Scenic World offer has been managed through a staged process ensuring that the existing operations suffered minimal impact.

Not just servicing the playing facilities but providing a sense of place and opportunities for celebration.

Rosewood Pavilion

CLIENTBarker College
LOCATIONHornsby, NSW, Australia

Expansion and upgrade to provide a centre much more than sports focused but a community hub.

Penrith Valley Sports Centre

CLIENTEdmund Rice Foundation
LOCATIONPenrith, NSW, Australia

A unique immersive experience providing opportunities for celebration

Just Orange - Shining City Cinemas

CLIENTShibo Cinemas & Poly Film Cinema Group

PMDL Architecture + Design are proud to announce the recent completion of a ‘Just Orange’ cinema in conjunction with Shibo Cinemas, affiliated with Poly Film Cinema Group.

Occupying an area of 4200 sqm, the new ‘Just Orange’ cinema is located within the Shining City retail mall in Hangzhou, and has recently been voted among the 'top 20 creative new cinemas in China' at the 13th national convention of cinema operators.

As the latest project under the Poly Film Cinema Group brand, Just Orange aims to push the boundaries of cinema experience. The 10 Screen multiplex incorporates Poly Film self-branded Poly Max Theatre, Dolby Atmos surround sound technology, Belgian Barco projection technology, JBL acoustics from the USA, as well as D-box seats that offer a motion dynamic experience, choreographed with the film itself for a fully immersive cinematic experience. 

Residing in a building once used as a tobacco factory, PMDL’s design aesthetic is a carefully considered balance of references to site's original and new use. The retention of existing design features such as the industrial concrete finish and the floor-to-slab ceiling height emphasise the theatrical nature of the space. Bold, oversized, saturated colour numbers used as feature entrances to each of the cinema screens create an outstanding, contemporary visual feast, both aiding in the ease of circulation for the patrons as well as composing a juxtaposition against the raw concrete finishes.

Cinematic life size action figures hanging from the walls are placed around the foyer and Food&Beverage areas bring the silver screen to life and create a feeling of awe and excitement before you have even arrived at your seat. These are complimented with high quality projections and lighting effects that add an unique and changing dynamic to the space.

Completely unique in the world


CLIENTMGS projects

Concept for an ultra high definition immersive dome vision venue and a new iconic world landmark building. The concept will provide an unrivalled cinematic experience, whilst providing large scale conference and tourism opportunities.

Creating destinations and reinforcing brand and identity. A truly immersive experience.

Hoyts Cinemas

CLIENTHoyts Corporation

Cinemas have continued to evolve over time both in terms of technology and equipment, but more importantly to meet new patron expectations and experience. Luxury seating and available leg space are only one a aspect of the guest experience that patrons value. Today the quality of food and beverage support by sophisticated interior settings and in theatre service determines the success of a contemporary cinema. PMDL have been involved in this evolution of the cinema experience for over 20 years and has assisted Hoyts in the evolution of their many offers. In that time we have delivered over 250 new cinemas, been involved in numerous refurbishments and implementation of new retail and hospitality concepts.


  • Future Fund
  • ASIC Melbourne
  • Danks Head Office
  • Dior Corporate Office
  • Benefit Corporate Office
  • Law Society
  • Vodafone

Provide a more stimulating work environment for team members with focus on collaboration and flexible work spaces.

Future Fund

CLIENTFuture Fund
LOCATIONMelbourne, Victoria

Future proofing to anticipate needs and organisation reinforcing the professional environment.

ASIC Melbourne

LOCATIONMelbourne, Victoria

New commercial fitout over three and a half floors for the Melbourne ASIC offices at 160 Collins Street, Melbourne. Future proof design strategies and principals anticipated the needs and requirements for the commercial fit out of almost 6800 sq.m. of space. The design focuses on maximising light and visual connection with clearly defined circulation routes. With a high level of security and acoustic requirements to meet the sensitive and professional nature of the organisation, the design delivers efficient, effective, equitable outcomes for all.

Reinforcing corporate identity and operational organisation with a touch of humour.

Danks Head Office

LOCATIONMelbourne Victoria Australia

A fresh, sophisticated design for a global style icon

Dior Corporate Office

LOCATIONSydney NSW Australia

In addition to our work on the Dior flagship store in Sydney, PMDL were engaged to design the refurbishment of existing office space for the new Dior Office, located in the same street. In keeping with the style and elegance for which the brand is renowned, the space features a sophisticated front of house reception area and boardroom facilities, and a smart but simple open plan office behind, with glazed offices and meeting room spaces.

Reinforcing brand image and identity.

Benefit Corporate Office

CLIENTBenefit Cosmetics
LOCATIONSydney NSW Australia

Accessible, open, collaborative. Bringing a stimulating and fresh environment to an established institution.

Law Society

CLIENTThe Law Society of New South Wales

Refurbishment of 15 levels of office space including meeting rooms, restaurant, library and administration facilities as part of the complete building upgrade for the Law Society of New South Wales.

Testimonial. “The modernisation of this building not only reflects our professional identity, it also facilitates our ability to respond to the needs and interests of an increasingly broad and diverse legal profession and the communities we serve.”– Stuart Westgarth, President.

Passion | People | Environment Mobility | Teamwork | Transparency.



Vodafone is a values-based organisation. The design gives body to these values. The fitout lets them walk the talk. Open work areas radiate from communal space. Personal space becomes team space. Forms are dynamic and flowing, giving a sense of movement and action. Over four floors of fitout there is space to work, to walk, to meet, to crash, to recharge.

  • Aero 247
  • Portal R&D Buildings
  • Masterplan
  • Exhibition Hall
  • Administration Building and Pavilion

A landmark building servicing airport related companies in a key location.

Aero 247

CLIENTMalcolm Group

Design development and documentation of 8 storey commercial building in Mascot for strata sale. Services included full building, marketing material, tenancy fit out concepts and full design and fit out of child care centre.

Portal R&D Buildings

LOCATIONNorth Ryde Sydney NSW Australia

Two “portal” research and development buildings on Waterloo Road, North Ryde. The northern building won the 1996 Master Builders Award for Commercial Buildings.

Maximising individual opportunities within an overall uniting context, sharing communal facilities.



The key compositional driver for the master plan involves the creation of a central landscaped focus. The majority of buildings in the master plan participate in a formal arrangement around a centrally placed landscaped courtyard space featuring a large water feature surrounded by a formal arrangement of flowering trees and gardens. The concept is complemented with the removal of vehicular traffic from above ground through the location of all carparking entrances to the outer perimeter thus promoting a pedestrian friendly environment. This offers works and visitors alike a relaxed, calm and quiet central garden sanctuary in what is becoming a busy quarter to the city of Nanjing.

A strong sense of arrival to the development is offered to all visitors through the placement of additional water features to the main road supported by trees and gardens framing generous views of the exhibition building. This building is presented as a long pavillion structure that engages directly with the central water feature creating a distinctive landmark and signature for the development. The tallest towers have been located to the main external corners of the development site creating a strong sense of gateway and architectural conversation with buildings on the adjoining site.

Architectural Vocabulary: All building facades are expressed with a strong vertical emphasis to assist a perception of height and strength. It is advocated that vertical elements on the Incubator towers are finished in polished metals as a gesture to the sky assisting a sense of height and slenderness. All buildings utilise similar composition of materials and glazing treatment but are reorganised to offer individual character. More decorative end wall treatments are featured on the Hotel building offering a distinctive point of difference and therefore character to stand apart from the other buildings but also participates with common form and gestures to read as part a common architectural family. The development will standout as a landmark development with attractive building composition complemented with quality landscape spaces and importantly will be enjoyed by all users and visitors.

A fluid feature acting as a point of focus within the central landscape.

Exhibition Hall


The design concept for the exhibition build evokes a leaping coy fish playfully enjoying the quality of the water features set in the landscape. Expressed as a long pavilion the form curves and sweeps over and into the central water feature. The external treatment therefore takes on a simple layered form resembling fish scales offering rhythm, colour and lighting in a decorative and innovative arrangement. The pavilion will offer a unique signature for the entire development, viewed on arrival and creating a distinctive landmark.

Unique facilities set within a park context.

Administration Building and Pavilion

CLIENTEastern Suburbs Memorial Park
LOCATIONMatraville Sydney NSW Australia

The new Administration Building forms the centre of the Memorial Park Cemetery and Crematorium complex accommodating administrative, sales, condolence and support functions. Winner of 2002 Master Builder’s Award for Public Buildings ($2.5–$10m) – Grosvenor Constructions.

The Remembrance Pavilion was conceived as a unique sculptural feature within a wider landscaping plan for the Memorial Gardens of the Eastern Suburbs Cemetery. The circular pavilion and water feature intersect, the forms being symbolic of the life cycle.

  • Mascot Units
  • AAE

Mascot Units

LOCATIONMascot Sydney NSW Australia

Development of airport related industrial units incorporating office and warehouse facilities.


CLIENTBuildcorp Goodman
LOCATIONChullora Sydney NSW Australia

Development of a new state distribution centre as part of time critical logistics for Australian Air Express. The facility includes approximately 8,000 sqm of warehouse and 2,000 sqm of office accommodation together with efficient hardstand and access circulation.

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