Bringing Great Minds and Creative Ideas Together

Terry Henriksen, Tomoko Day
Henriksen Design Associates

PMDL and Henriksen Design Associates have recently entered into a collaboration to bring together both firms’ complementary expertise to provide high-quality interior and architectural design services for our local and international clients.

With our joint experience in 5+ star hotel design, F&B, retail, gaming, music and fashion, leisure and entertainment, PMDL and Henriksen Design Associates can offer immersive and all-inclusive hospitality design that expands beyond the traditional design boundaries.

By combining our core disciplines of architecture, interiors and masterplanning, we will work together to provide multidisciplinary expertise for a full end-to-end experience.

If you would like to know more about our capabilities please contact us at 

About Henriksen Design Associates

Henriksen Design Associates (HDA) is an international, award-winning interior design firm. Founded in 1991 with roots in Los Angeles, California, HDA quickly became well known throughout the world’s leading hospitality design firms and brands as a premier interior design practice working for brands such as Mandarin Oriental, Marriott, Four Seasons and Ritz Carton.