Building a stronger and better practice together

PMDL and McGlashan Everist, two leading Australian architecture and design practices have announced a joining of forces to create a strong new presence in Australia and Asia.

McGlashan Everist has a rich history, with a strong presence in Melbourne and Geelong’s architectural establishment and a reputation for innovative design that balances aesthetics and creative problem-solving.

McGlashan Everist has long been a part of the modern architectural elite; they were established with studios in Melbourne and Geelong in 1955. With strength in innovative designs that intelligently solve the client’s challenges – while delivering an aesthetic solution that meets their client’s needs – they are a potent fit for the younger firm of PMDL.

McGlashan Everist has a strong design direction and a wealth of knowledge of the Victorian architectural scene. This integration will allow the two practices to be ready for the needs of the present while creating a path to future opportunities.

Both practices have strong creative thinkers, and both work closely with their clients to produce ideas that inspire and delight.

With this acquisition, PMDL McGlashan Everist increases its commitment to their existing clients and will be adding some of the most prestigious clients in the education, public and business space to a growing portfolio.

Andrew Pender, Managing Partner of PMDL said, “We think this is a great match. We believe in the same values of collaboration and client focus. Both are learning organisations. And we have long admired the work McGlashan Everist has done. With this joining of forces, I believe we are creating an altogether better practice.”

“In many ways, this is a natural fit.”, said Mr John Lee, Lead Partner of McGlashan Everist, “We work with clients the same way, we seek to understand the client’s point of view and our designs balance the competing challenges of aesthetics and problem-solving.”

The combined global team of  PMDL including PMDL McGlashan Everist is now comprised of over 70 + team members.  PMDL McGlashan Everist has design studios in Melbourne and Geelong further supported by PMDL studios in Sydney, Hong Kong and Macau, delivering specialised architecture and interior design services.

With this initiative, the union of PMDL McGlashan Everist further cements PMDL’s position as a strong local and international architecture and design practice. It is a stronger and better practice altogether.

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