Celebrating 25 Years

Andrew Pender
Practice Director

1994. The web existed but only just, mobile phones were the legendary bricks, and Priscilla changed Australian cinema. In Sydney, four architects armed with little more than their barely justifiable self belief decided to have a go.

Scott, Peter, David and myself had been friends and colleagues for a few years, we thought we had an approach that would work, and 25 years later it seems we were right. While PMDL is very much focussed on the future, we’re looking forward to looking back a little as well, as we celebrate this important milestone with our team.

Like all new practices, our first few years were a bit of a white knuckle ride, but we were able to start building a team and working with some great clients – some of whom are still with us today. We’re rather proud of these relationships, as we are of the many other long term portfolio clients that we have had the opportunity to work with over many years.

Of course we’ve had our share of challenges, in particular the loss of our great friend and colleague Scott in 2011, but a steady, consistent approach has seen us through them.

We’re also proud of our team, now around 75 strong, who represent a huge range of backgrounds and experiences, and who bring all of this to PMDL and make it such a vibrant and diverse place. We’ve learnt that our team gets what we’re on about as a practice and why we do things the way we do. The time we’ve spent understanding and articulating that over the last several months has been heartening and encouraging.

We’ve developed a way of doing things that we think is a thoughtful and considered approach, striving for a deep understanding of our clients needs and priorities. Their diversity is one of our strengths – as through them we continue to learn so much. In return, we deliver to them bespoke design solutions that really “fit”.

I’m sure that in 1994 none of us could have predicted where we are today. Studios in Sydney Melbourne and Hong Kong, work throughout the Asia Pacific region and beyond, but still personal and focused on relationships. We have a strong leadership team and I’m excited to be part of the work we’re doing to realise our vision for PMDL’s next chapter.

Sydney, Melbourne & Hong Teams

Thank you to our team for making PMDL what it is today. Thank you to the many former PMDL-ers who have been part of the journey. Thank you to all the friends, clients and collaborators that we have had the privilege to get to know, and for the opportunities we have had. And with that, back to the future and all that it holds.