Craig Kerslake on Indigenous architecture: storytelling, belonging and heart

Craig Kerslake
Wiradjuri Nation

PMDL Associate Craig Kerslake recently spoke to UNSW on the emerging field of Indigenous architectural practice.

“If you want to learn anything about a culture, a good place to start is with their architecture. As a direct reflection, it offers the best lens into the state of a place, its history and its identity,” according to UNSW architecture alumnus and Wiradjuri nation man Craig Kerslake. 

Craig also shares how him and the design team consciously design with First Nations people in mind, most recently on the Al Faisal College master plan Liverpool in NSW Australia.

“By imbuing [the] Aboriginal meaning of Country within meeting places, we anchor the designing in ‘Belonging to Country’,” he says.  

To Read the piece in full, head to University of New South Wales Newsroom.

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