IMSA Gallipoli Campus receives SSD approval

We are proud to announce that the State Significant Development Approval has been granted for the proposal of the new International Maarif School of Australia! PMDL has been working closely with the Australian Turkish Maarif Foundation for the past 3 years on the development & we could not be more excited to receive the news!

The proposed International Maarif School of Australia, Gallipoli Campus will be the first of its kind in Australia, catering to students from years K to 12 in an integrated education campus. The design is for 700+ students as a two stream school to meet the growing need for a contemporary educational facility which serves its local community. The three storey urban proposal incorporates primary & secondary general, specialist & support facilities organised around a central community heart.

The proposed school site in Auburn has a strong sense of connection being in close proximity to the iconic Gallipoli Mosque & good access to supporting local & community services such as sporting & recreational facilities. The proposal goes beyond a collection of classrooms & corridors & provides a strong sense of community both internally & externally.

Congratulations to the School & all whom have been involved!