French International School Jardine’s Lookout

Cost-effective design, efficiently delivers a refresh of the French International School in Hong Kong.

The French International School Jardine’s Lookout campus has sat on the hill with a view of Happy Valley for more than 30 years. Now they have a brand new outlook to celebrate their 38th year of professional education in Hong Kong.

PMDL, in collaboration with Greater Group, were appointed to delivery Phase 1 – a renovation of Block E and a dance studio.
Block E is a mix of learning spaces, canteens and a rooftop playground. Within a tight time constraint, PMDL delivered a design proposal which balanced the client’s requirements of practicality and budget.

The design principal established a cost-effective solution which suited the school’s contemporary eduction needs, with the maximisation of natural light, a comfortable learning environment was created.

The learning spaces were refurbished with simple materials such as vinyl floor and laminated joinery to brighten the room with a warm and welcoming atmosphere for students. With careful consideration, all the cabling and services are concealed inside the acoustic panel ceiling and bulkhead for a clean, modern look. The accent colours in the space pay respect to the school’s brand colours.

The canteen and rooftop playground are designed with interesting lighting and floor patterns to enhance usage. The project also included the facade upgrade with new furnishing with vibrant colours and new window systems.

With our expertise in education design spanning 25 years across a variety of school types and locations, we infuse a global approach to international school design alongside the intelligent fundamentals of space planning that aligns with current pedagogical needs and allows for future growth.


YEAR 2021