Nanjing Zijin Business Park

A collective building to market regional development.

PMDL were commissioned to design and develop a new commercial and business park complex in Nanjing China as part of a full master-plan. This was a total of approximately 250,000 square meters of  commercial space including an hotel.

As part of the design brief, all building facades are expressed with a strong vertical emphasis to assist a perception of height and strength. Vertical elements on the Incubator towers are finished in polished metals and stone as a gesture to the sky assisting a sense of height and slenderness. More decorative end wall treatments are featured on the Hotel building offering a distinctive point of difference and therefore character to stand apart from the other buildings but also participates with common form and  gestures to read as part a common architectural family.

The development will standout as a landmark development with attractive building composition complemented with quality landscape spaces and importantly will be enjoyed by all users and visitors.


LOCATION Nanjing, China

STATUS Completed

YEAR 2018