Queen’s Road Tong Lau Apartment

A prominent corner in Central Hong Kong gets revitalised.

Architects and interior designers PMDL Architecture + Design have recently completed a renovation of a five storey walk up building on one of Hong Kong Island’s busiest thoroughfares.

Sheung Wan is located in central Hong Kong and is typified by its relatively low rise, high density walk up buildings which stand in contrast to Hong Kong’s recognisable and soaring skyline. The client, appreciative of the city’s built heritage and recognising the inherent possibilities of adapting, upgrading, and reusing existing buildings, identified a corner building in the neighbourhood, which upon renovation would compliment the built fabric of Sheung Wan.

Originally built in the 1960s and since fallen into disrepair, PMDL worked closely with the client to revitalise the building by providing a full renovation aligning it with modern minimal design sensibilities while retaining the original’s character and enhancing the burgeoning neighbourhood.

The design utilised the building’s 1960’s beam and post concrete construction to open up it’s facade to flood the relatively small apartments with natural light. The facade was finished with high tech render and contrasting windows which, while giving the building it’s minimal outlook, prolongs the lifespan of it’s construction breathing life into a previously inconspicuous building.

CLIENT Orient Wise

LOCATION Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

STATUS Completed

YEAR 2018

SCALE 270sqm

The building consists of five apartments above retail at ground floor. Each apartment, with an area of 25m2, is designed around a service wall which implies a subdivision of the apartment while not minimising sense of space. The service wall facilitates kitchen equipment, AC ducting and storage, freeing up the rest of the apartment for use. The apartment is focused on a new corner window which overlooks the prominent Queens Road and maximises daylight in the apartment.